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About me? Hmm, I don't really know what to put here, because nothing's really about me. It's about the books, and getting lost in a fantasied world you adore, or wish to be in. Everything is about the books, not me. But, if I had to write something right here, I'd write.

I am an Indie Author. I guess that's what they call me..I try to just write right stuff. Sometimes it's odd, but that's the beauty in writing. Just go with it.

Sunday, October 23, 2016



100 Ebook Review Copy GIVEAWAY

 Hi! It's Amelia E. S.
   Be one of the first to get your hands on a review copy of Lucid Umbra People! I'll be picking 100 people to test read my book, and give reviews on the following websites: Goodreads.comAmazon.comBarnes&Noble.com, and more.

So, if you'll give a thorough review enter for a chance to get your hands on one!
* I would like to get in some reviews BEFORE the amazing Halloween holiday as well. ♥

You can add Lucid Umbra People on Goodreads, or reach out on there if you review books, but aren't picked.

      Emma Somnward's life gets turned upside down when she discovers she belongs to a species known as Umbra People.

    Have you ever had your entire life be a lie? Have you ever had to hold in your emotions to the point, when you release them they are deadly? I’m Emma, and those two things happened to me, and changed my life forever.

    I wish this had a happy ending, if that’s the story you’re looking for then this isn’t for you. This is a dark story that leads to a dangerous thing, created from dangerous beings, who knew what they were doing. They once had a name; Umbra People.  This is my journey to becoming one.

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