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Friday, October 21, 2016

Children's Halloween Book GIVEAWAY

 Enter Author Yai Smith, and Illustrator Amelia E. S. 


 Hello! It's Yai Smith , and I'm posting a children's ebook giveaway for you all!

Trick or Treat it's Halloween Book Trailer HERE:

I'll be giveaway 15 copies for reviews for the following websites. 

Amazon, LibraryThing and Goodreads.com

If you, or your children are interested in reading a children's Halloween ebook review copy, and is willing to exchange that for a review.


*highly recommended if you have children's, and they have a special love for this holiday ☻

Trick or Treat it's Halloween Book Trailer HERE:
Description: Trick or Treat it'd Halloween. A children book about one of the favorite holiday's HALLOWEEN.

It's a combination of variant illustration styles that should catch the attention of any child. It's somewhat "tradition" but, at the same time also different. See Halloween through the eyes of various kids. With ordinary drawings, both dark, and bright.
Just right for this holiday.

Trick or Treat it's Halloween Book Trailer:

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